Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weird me

LET ME THINK is the first phrase that popped into my mind when I was looking for a blog title. Obviously, it was not available. I tried every possible phrase that I can relate to or that I can associate with my personality. Then, after my nth try of coming up for a blog title, I begun to give-up in making a new blog. I was becoming very frustrated. But I cannot give up... I am trying to extract any positive thing to what's happening to me (short supply of available blog titles -- and there are hungry, poor people in the world!). Alas! I smiled and think of the people who "thought" like me... they are the ones who made my blog title search difficult BUT they are the people who are like me! We have, somehow, likeness in some of our choices and favorites. To think that some of them are in the far parts of the world! Weird me.

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