Monday, January 7, 2008

My love affair with dogs

We were raised with dogs as playmates (also with humans don't worry!). When I was a kid, we have a dog named Punky. She's white and pretty, and so faithful to our family. Punky was a very gracious dog. She gave us many puppies. I remember naming a batch of her puppies after the Menudo band with famous member Ricky. She left us when I was in High School. We found her dead when we woke up. No sign of foul play whatsoever hehe, maybe because of old age. She was with us for around 10 years or so.

Our next dog is Abby (shortcut for Jollibee -- the previous owner says so!). She's also white but with long hair. Abby's a Japanese Spitz mix. She's a bit grouchy but sweet. What I like most about her is she approaches you when she sees you, like begging you to pet her or give her a scratch in the neck. She was with us for more than 5 years.

When we have Abby as our star dog (we have other dogs in the house but there's always the favorite one - the star dog), we also have Iking. He's the typical street dog, also white but with black spots. I especially like his spot in the left eye! He's still with us and thank you for camera phones --- I have a picture of him.... dyyyaaarrrraaaannnnnn!!!

So guapito noh? He's our comedian dog. Iking's funny especially when he does his signature move of tilting the head (see the picture) as if he's trying to understand what you're saying to him. We really, really love this askal dog! He immediately took the role of guarding the house when he came to our family.

Our latest star dogs are Chicco and Chessa. Chessa's a pure Golden Retriever while Chicco's a Labrador Retriever mix. We so, so, so love them. Here are their pictures ---

I have yet to take their latest pictures for they've grown twice their size in the above pictures. They love to play and eat. Chessa's favorites are the frisbee and our latest discovery, badminton. She loves 'retrieving' the shuttle cock, mind you. We may put her to work in a badminton court when she fails to give us babies in the future! Chicco likes running and playing with A and my brother and mother. He doesn't like the frisbee for he tires easily. They also love water -- either drinking it or swimming on it! They're the latest toys of our family.

So... there goes my love affair with dogs. If money permits, I like to have a Beethoven one day.

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