Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Do-nut eat!

I am a DONUT FANATIC. I like donuts! I crave for donuts (at least every payday)! I adore donuts! I'm mad about donuts! I simply love to eat donuts!
So now, I would like to document my favorite donut flavors from the different donut shops here in the Philippines...

DUNKIN' DONUTS - Choco Butternut, Pineapple and Strawberry Filled Donuts, Boston Creme, Nutty Chocolate, Choco and Straberry Glaze


MISTER DONUT - Torte Cake, Donut Logs

KRISPY KREME - Orig Glazed, Crullers, Sprinkled, Glazed Choco Cake, Filled Choco

Delicious neh? Shucks gotta go to the nearest donut shop... my mouth's watering!

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