Sunday, February 3, 2008


Nope, I didn't get my dream diamond ring hehehe but we did stay at Diamond Hotel. It's one of the freebies A got when he purchased a car through BPI's auto loan. That's good right?

We had a hectic weekend --- 1 christening, 1 hotel stay, 1 birthday party, 2 cellphone huntings in 2 days. Whew! Tiring but happy experiences!

My friends P and E had their 1st baby's christening last Sat. They named her Elisha Marie. She's so beautiful like her Ninang (but me!). She was sleeping all the time so I didn't get to play with her. Her parents P & E, were all smiles throughout the church ceremony -- why not, with a bundle of joy like her...

We (A and I) stayed only until after the church blessings, we don't wanna be late in our first 5-star hotel stay! But before that, we had lunch at the Beach House of UP. We had 4 sticks of their famous bbq's, one order of salted egg and tomatoes, munggo soup and 1 royal tru orange softdrinks (full name!).

Next stop of course is Diamond Hotel. Our room was on the 21st floor, deluxe, non-smoking. It was a beautiful room -- with comfy, soft, large bed, cabled TV, a sala nook in the corner, a bath tub in the comfort room, a full body mirror and a great view of the Manila Bay. We indulged also on their complimentary bathrobes (they're so thick and warm!) and fruits. We rested in the bed and watched nonstop cable TV. A little before supper, we bathed (actually used the bathtub!), changed and got ready for supper in the famous Baywalk. Off we go to Baywalk but much to our disapointment, the stalls in the baywalk area were gone. We talked to people around and got our answer why the stalls were washed out from the shores of the Manila Bay. Hmmm, politics!

So our planned stall hopping turned to Max's food tripping -- fried chicken, pancit, bbq chicken, carbonara, and cake slices (choco, banana, cheese). Whew! Nice! Got back to the hotel -- nonstop TV and much needed rest, now were waiting for our breakfast buffet in the morning!

Our breakfast buffet was the highlight of the weekend. A ate fried rice, omelet, sunny-side up egg, 3 pieces lumpiang shanghai, bacon, sausages, veggies, 2 cups of coffee, pancit, fruits and some pastries. I ate fried rice, omelet, sausages, bacon, buttered toast, pastries, mango and orange juice. We ate so much that we feel we could not eat for one whole week without ever feeling week and hungry. Wow! That's life!

Our check-out time is at 12 noon. The birthday party of my friend A's son X was just beside Diamond Hotel so we walked around the Bay area, attended church in Malate Church and took some pictures while waiting for 2 o' clock.

The kiddie party was a blast -- there are food stalls everywhere (cotton candy, hotdogs, fishballs, ice cream), games and prizes. Alas we cannot move anymore because of our hard-as-our-foreheads stomachs so we said our goodbyes to A and her baby X.

Now to our next stop - the mall! We promised my mother, G and brother C that we'll help them buy cellphones using our credit cards. My bro got a Nokia while my mother got a Samsung. My new brother's cell number is named C x,xxx/mo indicating his payment per month! Haha. What a way to remember his payment monthly.

So it's time we get our rest again so off we go home... and sleep to welcome again another busy week ahead...

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